The new miCoach X_CELL will help you make the rise from good to great. It measures your explosiveness when making those short sharp cuts, those huge hanging jumps and your overall 'Hustle score' during a game. Out-jump your opponent. Burst through the gain line. Go all in. Every time.
With the SPEED_CELL, you can track your performance on the field of play like never before. Capture your top speed, distance, intensity and number of sprints so you can study your game, train smarter and improve. You used to think you were fast. Now you know for certain.
Sync your stats with the multi-sport app and watch it get to work. It analyses your game and tells you where you need to improve. Then gives you a training programme designed just for you, so weaknesses are temporary and strengths are forever.

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adizero Crazy Light 2

The world’s lightest, just got lighter, stronger, brighter and smarter. At 9.5 ounces, the adizero Crazy Light 2 is the lightest in the world and nearly 10% lighter than the nearest competitor. Robbie Fuller, lead Basketball Footwear Designer, gives us the story behind the shoe and shows us why adizero Crazy Light 2 is light done right.
When she plays basketball in the UK, Melita owns the court. So we flew her to the US to see if she can do the same over there. Watch her training sessions with top US coaches April and Ed. Inspired by Melita? You're up next. Go to the 'yourstage' section of the site to enter one of our competitions and take the stage.
Designer Robbie Fuller: When it came time to make a new Crazy Light, we knew they couldn’t just make it lighter. They had to make it crazy lighter, crazy stronger and crazy smarter. So, we sat down with them to find out how they did it.
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