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Michael Opens With Eddie Kadi

When he’s not at university studying theatre and television,Croydon’s Michael Dapaah is making everyone he knows laugh with his sketchesand videos. He talks about how it felt to present an award onstage at The O2with Eddie Kadi.

What made you enter thecompetition?

My friend actually saw the ad for the competition and gave me aring about it.

I went on Eddie Kadi’s Facebook page and saw it there, and I hada video I knew was perfect for it so I sent it in.

Then I started telling allmy theatre classmates to watch it, all my friends to watch it, everyone towatch it!When I got the call to tell me I’d won, I was very, very happy.

What was it like to meet Eddie Kadiand get on the stage at The O2?

Eddie Kadi is lovely, and really good at what he does. He andthe team were really warm and friendly with me, and Eddie gave me loads ofadvice.Getting up on the stage at The O2 – oh my god!

I’ve neverperformed in front of a crowd that big before and I had serious butterflies butI played it cool. When the lights are on, you can only see the front row anywaybecause they’re blinding!

the audience received me very well and that’s allyou can ask for.

What do you like about Eddie Kadi?

He’s very versatile – I like how he mixes music and comedybecause I like to do that too.

He can dance, he’s bold and confident – I reallyadmire him.

He’s come such a long way since I first heard of him a few yearsback, and nothing makes me admire someone more than seeing them progress.

What are you going to take from the experience?

I actually went to the Spirit of London Awards with my friendlast year and I said at the time that I wanted to come back and be on stage –and now I have. It’s shown me that anything is possible.I love comedy – it’s definitely where I want my career to be,whether it’s film, stage or stand-up. I’ve got lots of shows coming up thisyear, and meeting Eddie has made me want to pursue it even more. I know I cando this.