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Interview: David Beckham Take The Stage

David Beckham Take the Stage interview

For the first time David Beckham joined us on twitter for a 30 minute interview with @adidasuk.

If you weren't there to experience it, you can see a full transcript of our chat with David here, courtesy exclusively of adidas.

@LITTLEMIXDavid: What was it like to be part of the winning London 2012 Olympics bid team?

It was one of the proudest moments of my life, an incredible experience that I’ll never forget.

@U5HER: What event are you most looking forward to at London 2012?

I would love to see the 100m final, Jess Ennis in the heptathalon and any of the cycling really.

@syedadzrey: How often do you practice set pieces each day?

I practice them every day after training…for about an hour.

@teambrianlee: what are the qualities of a good player?

Firstly dedication, however you need many different qualities to make a good football player.

@officialarthurF: Do you still get anxious before a game?

I’ve never felt anxious, really. I’ve always enjoyed the big games.

@yuval_mohl: Who do you think is the best goalkeeper in the world?

I’ve been lucky to play with so many good goalkeepers; players like Peter Schmeichel and David Seaman, but the best at the moment has to be my friend Iker Casillas.

@jameseking6: Who was your favourite player when you were young?

I loved Brian Robson. He was my hero growing up, as result growing up I always wanted to play for Manchester United and wear the number 7 shirt that he wore.

@chelseafcfan6: who is the best manager that you’ve played for?

Sir Alex Ferguson, the answer is pretty obvious, he was like a father figure to me and is the best manager in the world.

@adidasfootball: how are you finding the new Predator Lethal Zones?

I’ve always loved my predators, I’ve had them since the start of my career and I love the new ones too.

@TheRealCiaranW: What is your favourite memory in football?

I’ve got so many memories. Winning the treble in 1999, the La Liga title, my first game for United…the best has to be the England versus Greece game in 2001.

@predator180: Which is your favourite free kick you’ve scored?

Against Greece in 2001. Because it meant the most.

@danhockley: If you could describe your England career in 3 words, what would they be?

Honour, pride, inspirational.

@stevenclark7: Who is the best player you have played against?

that’s a difficult question, but I’d have to say Roberto Carlos

@APalmer_Trainer: Now that you’ve experienced twitter, can you see yourself signing up?

We’ll have to wait and see…I like to do things properly, so will only do it when I can commit to it

@Reegio: What’s your favourite TV show?

I used to love Only Fools and Horses and I love the US version of The Office now.

@UnleashtheOx: How is life in LA different to life in Manchester?

Sunshine. Haha, that was just a joke! Both are very different, but I love both cities.

@TheKevalPatel: What do you prefer to order when you have pie and mash?

Two and two. That’s two pies, two mash, with extra liquor and jellied eels.

@MaidenLegendAK: What was your favourite hairstyle?

The one I have right now. I’ve always loved a skin head; they’re really easy.

@_chloehowe: What’s your favourite tattoo and why?

The ones about my family, as they obviously mean the most to me.

@NJDottie: Do you see yourself playing past your current 2 year contract at LA Galaxy?

Who knows really, I’m playing well and I’m still really enjoying it.

@bennymlufc: Who is Team GB’s most dangerous player?

Team GB have got some very good young players, but for me the best player is my friend Ryan Giggs. He’s an amazing player.