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Wretch and Wizzy Take the Stage

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Greatness is made in the city I’m from
The whole scene came from the city I’m from
And you can sign a deal
You aint got to sign on

Young boy growing up kicking in the park/ Growin up he used to play footie in the park
Now when he walks out they gotta put the light on /Now when he walks out they put the floodlights on
If you’ve got the right songs, its just a timebomb
Tick tick, every box – let them get their type on - BOOM

Young girl started out dressing up the mannequin
Now she got her clothes in the shop - She’s fashion-in
Seeing is the proof, and the proof unravels when
You’re good at shooting hoops and you end up travelling

See I was hardly the man – and now my Facebook’s got an army of fans

Remember to not forget me
When I’ve achieved all of my dreams
This stage is where greatness is made
You're Up Next, let’s take it away