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Stephane Pion Interview

  • Stephane Pion 1

What’s your favourite spot/location to be active?
When I’m paddling in freestyle kayaking my favourite spot is La malate wave, when the flow is perfect it is one of the biggest waves in Europe and for creeking I like to paddle in the jura area.

How do you prepare for a project/contest?
I paddle as far as possible in two activities in France and Europe. In the winter I’m training skiing and biking and sometimes when I can’t move in an area or a country I take my shoes and go running.

What are your biggest accomplishments?
It’s always a big accomplishments to discover some new rivers over the worlds but the biggest one for myself in my live has been building a family with a house and still keep in touch with my favourite sport "kayaking".

What are your next goals related to your sport?
My next plans is continue to discover new country with some friends and make a long video documentary about a kayak trip a few days long, showing and sharing it in France. To demonstrate that by kayaking we can discover some hidden places which are just next door to us but also on the other side of the world.

Who do you look up to, who motivates you?
I’m not a fan of something or someone, my passion is my life!!! So, that is a pretty good motivation for me.

Who is your favourite guy to hang out with/be active with?
I love doing sports or partying with some friends from all over the world, but my favourite team was my first three French rider team (Sylvain Riffet, Romain Guirao and Albin Hammard) whom I spent some wonderful times with in my kayaking life.

What’s your ‘2nd‘sport?
I like to do and try every sport, indoor or outdoor!

What’s your favourite thing to do on a day off?
I’ve been building my house and when I’ve got time I continue to work on pieces or parts of the house, garden, barn or boil maker studio…

What’s your favourite adidas product and why?
My favourite product is the shoes!! When I was young I had some problems with my heel, I don’t know exactly why but I could always wear the adidas shoes without feeling pain and it’s was the only shoes that was strong enough for my activities. Now it's really important for my outdoor activity to get some good shoes and I also like the adidas style.

What’s your favourite food?
Pizza and Mango!